Shuttle reentry: providing education in areas of vulnerability

Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 03:49:35 PDT

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    In a second attempt to try to remedy this problem, I have already committed
    myself several weeks ago to provide general talks on this topic in the
    region where nighttime Shuttle reentries will occur on a regular basis for
    high inclination Shuttle flights. These visits to ISS normally will land on
    ascending orbits into Florida.  As Ed Cannon noted there was this very
    recent response reported in the press from a nonpublicized reentry:
    Just in case someone missed it, here's a story about the stir 
    caused in Central America and southern Mexico by the latest
    Shuttle reentry:
    I am planning to travel to El Salvador on 31 August to brief local amateur
    astronomers on the reentry phenomenon surrounding the Space Shuttle. Though
    I gave a similar talk in Guatemala City earlier this year, the lack of a
    'heads up' there caused the reaction there. It is very difficult to provide
    such warnings due to the likelihood of changes in the Shuttle reentry path.
    If you 'cry wolf' too many times, nobody will pay attention.  These landing
    time and site changes are almost consistently happening when weather causes
    wave offs at KSC. However, in my opinion,  part of our SEESAT responsibility
    is to clarify to others what is happening in the night sky so that it can
    put some order in the otherwise chaotic world of the general public. 
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