Re: STS 105 and ISS over UK post launch

From: Ed Davies (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 04:08:55 PDT

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    >      I also get a pass around 21:34ut (22:34 local time), which I think
    >      will still be too late to see the shuttle and tank (they'll be in
    >      shadow).
    I think it'll be visible.  Naively adding the difference in the launch
    times to the TLEs posted by Daniel Deak puts it just ahead of the ISS.
    (This is unusual - the previous missions I've looked at have normally
    put the shuttle just under half an orbit behind the space station in
    question).  This also puts the pass around 21:34UT.
    STSOrbit Plus is not too good at getting the altitudes right for these
    ascents - it gives an altitude of 41km at this point which would I think
    make the shuttle visible for the wrong reasons.
    Anyway, HA says:
    ISS    -0.6 22:33:28 10 W 22:36:39 65 SSW 22:37:40 39 SE 
    (times BST) so it is out of shadow for the bulk of the pass.  The shuttle
    should be a little earlier though presumbly also a little lower so it 
    should also be in sunlight for most of the pass.
    So far the weather here (High Wycombe, approx 20 miles NW of London) 
    looks good.
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