Re: US Spy Sats In "Wrong" Orbit, oh my

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 11:18:14 PDT

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    "Gene Heyler" <> tipped his hat and said,
    > A tip of the hat to you "amateur astronomers"
    I just realized that we have an asteroidal namesake on the list:
    From :
    "Asteroid 5446 will now be known as 5446 Heyler in recognition
    of Gene Heyler, a spacecraft attitude control expert from Columbia,
    Md., who has been responsible for developing innovative techniques
    for tracking minor planets during fast flybys. These techniques played
    a major role in the success of the NEAR flyby of asteroid 253 Mathilde
    in June 1997." 
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