FW: Shuttle water dump while attached to ISS

From: MALEY, PAUL D. (JSC-DO) (USA) (paul.d.maley1@jsc.nasa.gov)
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 04:11:35 PDT

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    Tristan wrote:
    "When a water dump occures, does this water vapourise immediately or does it
    freeze into ice particles ?  
    If it forms ice particles, isn't that very dangerous for the ISS/Shuttle as
    for other satellites which are in low orbit ?"
    The particles freeze immediately in the cold environs of space forming ice
    particles. The particles are of small relative size and mass and will
    individually decay very quickly--within a day is a fairly good guess. There
    was recontact with a Shuttle from ice particles generated on a water dump
    many years ago. This event caused the current retrograde dump orientation
    that is designed to mitigate such recontact. [I want to retract a statement
    I made yesterday. I believe the nozzle orientation is not toward the earth,
    but in the retrograde direction when the dump is initiated. As the particles
    move away and behind the Shuttle, their small masses cause them to decay
    quickly at different rates proportional to the mass. Hence the 'comma'
    shaped cloud of particles is formed with the ones leading the Shuttle being
    in lower orbits]. I have not heard of any further accounts of the crew
    'seeing' particles hitting the Shuttle from a water dump since that time.
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