RE: Geodetic precision

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 11:37:17 PDT

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    Rob wrote
    In case anyone cares, SkyMap and IRIDFLAR have always
    used WGS-84.  So if the orbital elements used with SkyMap
    or IRIDFLAR are WGS-72 (or some other datum), then that
    will introduce a small systematic error in the predictions.
    Thats nice to know
    Based on the formula that TS Kelso developed for sat tracking which uses the 
    WGS72 datum as part of its calculations. Then I would expect that the orbits 
    of the sats are using the WGS72 datum.
    Since WGS84 is becoming the standard datum, wonder when it will be used in 
    the calculations if it not being used right now.
    I am waiting to see what datum JPL uses in its calculations for observations 
    of objects made from earth.
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