UNID Flasher?

From: Cees Bassa (c.g.bassa@phys.uu.nl)
Date: Fri Aug 17 2001 - 14:56:57 PDT

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    Hello List,
    This evening I observed three flashes of a satellite I was unable to 
    identify using SatEvo's latest
    The flashes occured in and near the triangle made of Alpha, Gamma and 
    Epsilon Cygni. The first flash occured roughly at 20:21:09 UT, the second 
    at 20:21:32 and the last at 20:21:51. More flashes were probably visible 
    but I was rushing back in the house to write down these observations 
    because I was bound to forget those numbers.
    The first flash was right (in azimuth) of Gamma and Epsilon Cygni, the 
    second in the triangle and the last just outside the triangle with the 
    satellite moving roughly parallell along Alpha and Gamma Cygni, heading North.
    The observation site was at 5151'54" N and 0510'25" E and -2 meters 
    The flash pattern was multiple. Per flash there was a bright (-3?) flash 
    followed with a lesser bright (-1?) one with in a second, seen on the last 
    two flashes.
    I hope someone can ID this sat.
    Regards and clear skies,
    	Cees Bassa
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