Re: Geodetic precision

From: Chris Olsson (
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 17:20:03 PDT

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    >>By stating the geodetic basis of stated co-ordinates, we give a positional
    >>indication which is almost as important as stating the epoch of
    >>[an elset or] a SatObs.
    >I have the impression that the factor of 100 difference between
    >properly stating a 1950 or 2000 epoch for an observation and properly
    >specifying a geodetic reference frame makes this dicussion about
    >the latter not-at-all comparable.
    The difference between a 2001 and a 2000 epoch of an elset is considerable, as
    you well know, Michael.
    Dumbing down astronomical observational precision to the lowest common
    denominator is one approach to orbital mechanics, but there may be better
    ways.  By dragging precision down to two or three places of decimal degrees,
    you could pave the way for further dumbing down.  How about to just single
    integer degrees?
    Hey!  Why bother with ellipsoids at all?!  You could simply regard the Earth as
    a sphere instead!  That would achieve your desired 500 metre error with greater
    Cheers,       Chris Olsson
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