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Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 23:30:09 PDT

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    Saw the Shuttle/ISS pass three hours (2 revs) later from the West Coast from
    the previous post with the separation 67 seconds of time.  Shuttle was
    obviously brighter (about -2 magnitude) than ISS (about 0-magnitude),
    equating to about an 11 seconds per rev advance of the Shuttle relative to
    ISS post-sep on this mission, so far.
    Happy landings!
    Rick Baldridge
    Campbell, CA  USA
    37.2718N 121.9770W NAD1927 !!!
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    > Just saw a beautiful pass of the Shuttle leading the ISS by about 45
    > from the NW to the ESE, although they went behind clouds before earth's
    > shadow.  Picked both up about 10 degrees above the horizon, the shuttle
    > probably a magnitude greater than the station.
    > I saw the same pass.   Discovery was about -0.5 to -1 mag, slightly
    > than Arcturus as it passed it in the west at 00:58:50UT.  About 50 seconds
    > later the ISS passes at about a 0 mag.   Both reached a maximum elevation
    > about 50 deg in the SW when the IS reached about a -1 mag.  Conditions
    > moderately hazy in that part of the sky.
    > Question: in previous missions the shuttle seems to fly closer to the ISS
    > even 2 days after socking - like they were chained together.  This
    > 45 second separation was a bit of a surprise.  Anyone know why the change?
    > Cheers,
    > Don Gardner  39.1799 N, 76.8406 W, 100m ASL
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