Correction!Mystery Flare

From: Marcus Clark (
Date: Tue Aug 21 2001 - 06:34:15 PDT

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      Oops!In my message"Mystery Flare",for"E to NNE"&"disappeared from view in 
    the NNE",please read"W to NNW"&"disappeared from view in the NNW".Not enough 
    sleep,obviously!The object was so bright that I thought it might be the ISS 
    or ADEOS or an Iridium flare,but Heavens-Above indicates that it wasn't any 
    of these.The suggestion that it's USA116 seems to fit though.
       On that morning(20th Aug)the seeing was particularly good and I got a 
    lovely view of Kemble's Cascade as well as observing M33 in my 10x50s for 
    the first time.What a pleasant way to spend the early morning!
    Apologies for my 180deg. inaccuracy& good observing!
                                                    Marcus Clark
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