Re: Flashing satellites.

From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 16:23:30 PDT

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    Hi Kate,
    As collector of the PPAS observations (since August 1st, 2000) I have
    processed the observations reported since that day and some observations
    from the interval January - July 2000. None of the objects was mentioned.
    So if there were observations of these objects, they had not been reported
    to the PPAS email address.
    My question: have these objects a special behaviour that makes them
    interesting for photometric observations?
    Regards.. Bram Dorreman.. Collector of PPAS observations.
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    From: Kate Martin <>
    To: See Sat <>
    Date: woensdag 22 augustus 2001 12:33
    Subject: Flashing satellites.
    >Hi all,
    >I am looking for possible flash rates in relation on the following
    >Cat # Satellite Name
    >----- --------------
    >02088 65093D
    >02122 OV 1-5
    >02389 66070A
    >03785 68097AX
    >07087 73086CF
    >08296 74089BD
    >09025 Cosmos 842
    >11788 Cosmos 1176
    >12283 78026EC
    >21387 75052DH
    >25557 64049M
    >26205 99057CT
    >26436 99057KH
    >I cannot find any of them in the PPAS. (draft-9) Is there another source
    >of data on tumbling sats?
    >(I am guessing that just because they are not in the PPAS does not
    >indicate they are not tumbling. Just not reported, right?)
    >Any info would be very much appreciated.
    >Kate Martin
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