Re: Celestrak site - problems?

From: Michael McCants (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 17:08:48 PDT

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    Anthony Ayiomamitis wrote:
    >       Is anyone having problems getting elements from Tom Kelso's site
    >using FTP? Upon login, I am placed in '/' rather than the previous
    >'/elements' and no files to be seen anywhere in site.
    When you use a web browser to click on "current elements", a separate
    window pops up saying that anonymous ftp was discontinued at the
    end of June because it is no longer being offered by his ISP at
    a reasonable cost.
    Brad Feinner wrote:
    >I wrote a PERL script awhile back that connects to celestrak and
    >downloads specified files without having to use a browser.
    My opinion: Perl is very powerful for doing this and other things,
    but "wget" is very simple and powerful enough.
    Copied from web page:
    >WGET for Windows
    >Easily mirror http/ftp sites to your local hard drive
    >The most recent version I compiled is
    (This is a link to his zip file.)
    I run wget on my Solaris Unix box.  The simplest command is:
    This gets the current iridium.txt file of course.
    In the past there have been questions about the cost of supporting the website and the costs associated with a large number of
    people downloading these files on an all-to-often regular basis.
    I have been using "" for nearly a year and my cost (unless the
    download volume increases enough to get my user name "noticed") is
    very nominal.  If there is enough interest (a few dozens of people?)
    in having me "mirror" some of his files either from his site or
    directly from OIG, please send me email ( and I
    will consider that possibility.
    Mike McCants
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