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Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 17:43:25 PDT

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    Hi Walter and list,
    > x       for LVLH, is direction of motion
    > z       for LVLH, is toward Earth
    > y       for LVLH, is other dimension (which direction??)
    Given the above definitions of the x- and z-axes in LVLH, the
    +y axis points to starboard (right), the -y to port (left).
    > x       for M50 , is ??          vernal equinox ??
    Yes -- vernal equinox direction.
    > y       for M50 , is ??
    90-degrees counterclockwise from vernal equinox direction, as
    viewed from the north pole.
    > z       for M50 , is ??          North pole of equator ??
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