ISS pass at 416x

From: Brad (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 22:06:26 PDT

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    I just tracked a 53 deg pass of ISS at 416x (4.8mm TV EP).  The closest
    range was 491 km, so it appeared as a little over 1 km distance at max
    alt.  It looked BIG, but the image wasn't as clear as when I used 227x a
    few days ago.  I think this might just be too much mag for the 8" SCT. 
    Still, it was clear enough to easily see the longer solar arrays.  It
    was tilted relative to me, so I could only see the full array length on
    one side.  No more visible passes for at least ten days according to HA,
    maybe by then I'll find a way to get an image of this.
    Brad Feinner
    Los Alamitos, CA
    33.800 N, 118.059 W
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