Re: Air Force Space Command to discontinue space surveillance system

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Date: Wed Aug 14 2013 - 15:02:08 UTC

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    Note that no date for IOC of either the new S-Band Space Fence or JMS was
    provided. They are still dreams for the future.
    On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 10:14 AM, Sheldon Cooper <>wrote:
    > Excerpt:
    > "Air Force officials say that the surveillance system, operational since
    > 1961, is just one part of its overall space surveillance network. The
    > system is designed to transmit a “fence” of radar energy vertically into
    > space to detect all objects intersecting he fence. It can detect object in
    > an “un-cued” observations – not tracking them based on previous information.
    > But officials say the design is dated, and data is inaccurate. New
    > operating systems at Cavalier and Eglin Air Force bases provide more
    > accurate information.
    > “The AFSSS is much less capable than the Space Fence radar planned for
    > Kwajalein Island in the Republic of the Marshall Islands,” said Gen.
    > William L. Shelton, commander, of the Air Force Space Command.  ”In fact,
    > it’s apples and oranges in trying to compare the two systems.”
    > Unlike the AFSSS, the new Space Fence will provide very precise positional
    > data on orbiting objects and will be the most accurate radar in the Space
    > Surveillance Network.
    > The newer system will provide capabilities to detect and track orbiting
    > objects such as commercial and military satellites, depleted space boosters
    > and space debris.  It will have much greater sensitivity, allowing it to
    > detect, track and measure an object the size of a softball orbiting more
    > than 1,200 miles in space.  Because it is also an un-cued tracking system,
    > it will provide evidence of satellite break-ups, collisions or unexpected
    > maneuvers of satellites.
    > “When combined with the new Joint Space Operations Center’s high
    > performance computing environment, the new Fence will truly represent a
    > quantum leap forward in space situational awareness for the nation,”
    > Shelton said."
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