RE: Iridium Flares not showing up

From: Jon Mikel (
Date: Sat Aug 17 2013 - 09:46:50 UTC

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    Hi all;
    in 14 august I had 3 iridium flare predictions, so I put alarm 1 minute
    before each.
    The result was partial succesfully, when the first one was watched
    sucessfully but a little bit fainter:
    -Iridium 46 (#24905). Predicted magnitude: 0.7 az:61 el:28.  Observed a
    little bit late and in mangnitude 1.5 more or less.
    Failed to watch the second one:
    -Iridium 26 (#24903). Predicted magnitude: -0.4 Similar az and el.
    I cant saw the 3rd one because i was trying to take times for another
    Since I started watching iridium flares I watched that the time or the
    predicted magnitude are not exact, maybe due to the 0.1 position
    uncertainty of the orientation of the satellite's antennas.
    For satellite status, this link is interesting:
    You can also download the TLEs in celestrak that includes the operational
    Taking a fast watch to Twitter, people is watching succesfully bright
    iridium flares.
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