Two satellites inside light beam: observations

From: Vitaly Mechinsky (
Date: Sat Aug 31 2013 - 23:27:23 UTC

Hi all!

Below I repost information (in english translation) from three
observers from different places of Belarus and Ukraine. This observers
described similar phenomena with satellite, but the distance between
the observer rather significant:

1). From Serhey Nazanov, Crimean Astrophysical Observatory (CrAO,
Ukraine, 44° 43′ 36″ N, 34° 0′ 57.1″ E).

"28.08.2013 at approximately 19h20m UT almost at the zenith the beam
of light appeared: the north-south direction, the width of about 3
degrees, the length is about 30-40 degrees. Well seen to the naked
eye, but the stars are not illuminates by them. The beam slowly moving
from south to north, it was seen about 4-5 minutes. The color
uncertain, whitish. When I looked at it, inside the beam moved two
satellites -- exactly along the line of the beam and also from south
to north. The front satellite has about the 3 mag, back satellite has
magnitude approximately 5 mag. The distance between satellites was
about 4 degrees. They slowly flew to the north within the beam in
direction to Dubhe (alpha UMa)".

2). From observer in Tal'ka (Belarus, 53°22′10″ N. 28°20′40″ E):

"28.08.2013 at 19h22m UT I saw ray (band) of light that moves strictly
from South to North. The beam width of approximately 2 finger, the
length as from Vega (alpha Lib) to Dubhe (alpha UMa). In the middle of
the arc of light, around the edges, moved 2 satellites. One slightly

3). From observer Ivan Serhey near the Molodechno (Belarus, 54°16′ 57″
N. 26° 44′ 47.6″ E). At the same evening as observer from Tal'ka, but
a bit later (19h27m UT - 19h32m UT) (Molodechno is plased on 144 km on
the N-W from Tal'ka).

"I've also seen it! I have photos of the event. In the center of the
white band moved synchronously two satellites. I reviewed it in
monocular. The band appeared in the constellation Aquila and passed
through the zenith to the north."

There are the links on photos of Ivan Serhey (time in EXIF -- GMT+3):

1).  You can see
satellite track near light beam.

Center (RA, Dec):	(280.317, 15.331)
Center (RA, hms):	18h 41m 16.193s
Center (Dec, dms):	+15° 19' 50.883"
Size:	75.7 x 50.7 deg
Radius:	45.528 deg
Pixel scale:	141 arcsec/pixel


Center (RA, Dec):	(288.594, 34.982)
Center (RA, hms):	19h 14m 22.553s
Center (Dec, dms):	+34° 58' 56.255"
Size:	74.1 x 49.8 deg
Radius:	44.652 deg
Pixel scale:	92.2 arcsec/pixel


Center (RA, Dec):	(276.158, 55.211)
Center (RA, hms):	18h 24m 37.872s
Center (Dec, dms):	+55° 12' 38.418"
Size:	74 x 49.7 deg
Radius:	44.579 deg
Pixel scale:	92 arcsec/pixel


Center (RA, Dec):	(229.449, 75.022)
Center (RA, hms):	15h 17m 47.714s
Center (Dec, dms):	+75° 01' 17.539"
Size:	73.9 x 49.6 deg
Radius:	44.511 deg
Pixel scale:	91.9 arcsec/pixel

Is this related to the launch of NROL-65 (USA 245)? Perhaps this is
the grazing of fuel residues.

Best regards,

Vitaly (Minsk, Belarus).
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