Re: Satellite caught on camera during eclipse (after 3rd contact)

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Thanks for the insight. Very much appreciate the time to explain.
Greg Williams.
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> Greg Williams wrote:
>> A friend of mine photographed the eclipse and was about to discard this video when he noticed a satellite passing from what appears to be North to South.

> An object in a circular orbit, observed at the approximate position of the one in question, moving at 0.21 deg/s, would have been at an altitude of roughly 1800 km. Objects at that range seldom are visible to the unaided eye in a dark sky, let alone in the bright sky that existed at the time of the video. Therefore, the object almost certainly was not a satellite.
> Ted Molczan

An additional reason to doubt this was a satellite is that the illumination
angle in this position would be very small, close to zero (we would be looking
at the "dark side" of the satellite). So it should not be visible.

It could be a high-flying aircraft perhaps.

- Marco

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