Re: Very odd "Space Debris" NavWarning

From: Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2021 01:50:17 +0200
The plot thickens. The e-mailed versions sent to subscribers do not mention this
kind of information: but someone pointed out that the downloadable KML version
on the NGA website mentions, as extra info:

"Authority: NASA 300917Z JUL 21."

So NASA appears to be the source of this Warning.

The date mentioned (30 Jul) is much earlier than the issueing date mentioned in
the version e-mailed to subscribers earlier this morning, on August 6. It
corresponds to the original launch date of Starliner (that was subsequently

So perhaps these are a kind of emergency landing/ditching zones for Starliner?

But I have difficulty seeing how a Starliner launch on (originally) July 30
would necessitate these zones for August 9-10 (days after the original docking
date). And if they are updated for a new launch date, why they weren't published
before the original July 30 launch date.

Questions, questions....

- Marco

PS: HT to Nico Jansen who in private correspondence already suggested a possible
connection to Starliner earlier this evening. I was dismissive then, but maybe I
was wrong.

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