Re: GEO Orbit Determination

From: Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 10:24:18 +0200
Astrometrica was originally made to get astrometry on asteroids, but works fine
for *telescopic* images of (GEO) satellites as well. When you know the
approximate image center and north orientation and have a configuration file
with the characteristics of the instrumentation in question (focal length and
pixel size in micrometers), it fits the star background automatically. Next you
manually measure the ends of any satellite trails.

Note that Astrometrica only loads images in FITS format.

Astrometrica was developed for telescopic imagery. It won't work on wide field
imagery (i.e. imagery with a FOV of several degrees).

Note that for video, you might be better of using TANGRA, which was developed to
astrometrically measure video imagery (of fast moving Near Earth Asteroids).
Tangra can handle wide-field imagery of 35 mm focal length and more. You need to
calibrate an image from the lens in question once, and then using that
calibration file, it will fit stars automatically after you enter an approximate
center coordinate of the field.

- Marco

Op 22-8-2021 om 00:49 schreef Andreas Hornig:
> Hi there,
> I know this is an older thread, but I am also interested to know how the
> astrometrica software behaves and how easy it is for satellite detection?
> My approach is to determine the ra/dec with
> <> software. That works reasonably well with the video I
> have from the Transporter 2 Mission of this June. The satellites I detect
> myself. But it takes a while for both (my code and the astrometry part).
> Maybe astrometrica is better there. But before I start the 100 days trial, I
> would like to know here if this can be applied also to leo satellites.
> Best regards,
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