Re: Driving to central../IridFlar 1.4

Bjoern Gimle (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 08:41:32 +0100

The eight-line header of IridFlar makes it possible to QSORT the
three-(four-)line output file.
(The one-line form can of course be sorted with *any* sort utility)

For example, to sort on the Peak Mag. on the central line (Verbose format)

qsort /D4\L /-2.78:5 /+2.3:18  iridflar.out iridflar.txt

My Irid_Map.exe Windows program will display a map of flare central lines,
with cities from a SkyMap type .cty file marked.
Version 0.4 is now posted as on my page

To run any of my small Windows .exe files you must first install
two run-time modules, that are packed into in the same
directory. Run the included install program. This will also install
a small launch.exe. When my programs include .rlz source files,
you can modify them, or add/replace modules (or write your own).

In this pre-beta release, you can specify (most of) the input data for
IridFlar v.1.4 and execute it, and give latitude/longitude for the upper
right and lower left corners of the area you want to map.
As an alternative, you can give the name of a pre-existing 3-line Verbose
output file from  IridFlar v.1.4.

When a map appears, you can move, resize, and print it. The 'legend' form
can be moved about to reveal hidden tracks. To change the mapped area,
switch to the data form, enter new lat/lon and rerun 'Update Flare Tracks'

Future versions will allow plot area changes without 'Update',
producing the iridflar output from the form data, saving and
restoring form values in a .cfg (.ini) file, and calling SkyMap
to display the *best* flare positions on a star chart.

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