Re: Intercosmos 19

Leo Barhorst (
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 21:00:18 +0100

Paging through 'Europe and Asia in Space 1993-1994' I came across a
of the Koronas satellite. This satellite is based on the improved
AUOS that was used for the Intercosmos 18 and 19 flights and more sats.
It uses the same bus as the original AUOS; as I could check by comparing
with a photograph of Intercosmos 18 in a dutch spacemagazine of april
But the Koronas has an upperstructure withan instrument platform; also
solarpanels and two solarpanels with an extra antenna extension at the
of the bus and with a lenght of about twice the height of the bus or the
upperstructure. Thes panels give the sat a six-winged windmill look.
>From the middle of the bus four rodlike antenna's extand.
Koronas has a diameter of 2.3 m and a height of 5.0 m with a total span
12.8 m.

Perhaps Intercosmos 19 looks a bit like Koronas?
Nicholas L. Johnson, the principal scientist of the above book, can
trow some light on this?

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