Inspector and new Progress

Agapov Vladimir (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 09:56:53 +0300 (MSK)


Progress M-36 was undocked from the Mir orbital station 
at 06:01:53UTC. At 06:06:30 UTC Progress made first of 2
manoeuvres which will result in safe relative motion of Progress in
respect to Mir. Another manoeuvre should be done at 06:55:00 UTC.
At 07:35:00 UTC Inspector subsatellite will be deployed from Progress.
After separation Inspector will make 4 collision avoidance manoeuvre
(in respect to Progress) and after that will begin approach with
the orbital station. For this purpose another 2 manoeuvres on Dec 17
and 4 manoeuvres on Dec 18 should be made. 
Progress M-36 will make evasion manoeuvre at 12:11:30 UTC on Dec 17
and will stay on resulted orbit till Dec 19. On Dec 19 at ~05:22 UTC
two DPO engines of new model will be ignited for test during 1500 seconds.
After this ignition Progress will enter orbit with an apogee around 370 km,
and perigee in range of 156...198 km depending of work of engines.
Progress will stay on resulting elliptical orbit during next 4-5 orbits.
At 13:20 UTC main engine of Progress will be ignited for 69 seconds
deorbit burn and at ~14:01:30 unburnt pieces of Progress will fall
into the South Pacific (central point is 51.44S,209.39E with dispersion
along the ground trace in +1150...-850 km range).
New Progress M-37 (11F615A55 N236) will be launched on Dec 20,
at 08:45:02 UTC (preliminary time) from LC1 of Baykonur by Soyuz-U
launcher. Nominal EFG vector at the moment of separation from the 3rd stage
is following:

Date     1997/12/20
Time     00:08:49.04 MET
X, km     355.203
Y, km    4117.639
Z, km    5092.747
Vx, km/s -7.45392
Vy, km/s -0.39670
Vz, km/s  0.84063

Docking should take place at around 10:31 UTC on Dec 22.

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