Re: Non-flaring-Iridiums update list known?

Alexander Seidel (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 23:19:20 +0100

> So, rigorously speaking, no the iridium.html page does not attempt to
> maintain a list of those Iridiums that are not expected to flare as
> predicted, but a frequent look at the iridiums.tle elset should give you
> the information you need.
> Jeff Hunt <>

Hello Jeff,

yes, surely I know about the 14.34 rev/day thumb rule, but I thought
more of those objects that generally fulfill the rules, at least with
the TLEs, BUT DESPITE THAT behave strange in an optical sense. So it
seems not to be a matter of looking frequently at the Pickup IRIDIUM.TLE
files (...thanks, Alan, for providing these valuable data for us!...),
but it is indeed a matter of trying to figure out, which (and why some)
objects are behaving different than the others.