Iridium 24 flare

Robert G Fenske Jr (
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 16:04:21 -0600 (CST)

On Sat, 20 Dec 1997, Jeff Hunt wrote:

> Observed my first (brighter than mag -4.5) predicted mag. -6.0 flare this 
> morning on Dec 20 at 11:21:48 UT (06:21:48 local) with the Sun at -10.6 

	I did this on Dec 18.  I was under a cloudless sky and pretty much
on the center line (reflection angle 0.02 deg) for Iridium 24.  It was
also had a high elevation of 67 deg and range of only 840 km.  It was
significantly brighter than Venus and had a noticeable halo around it.  I
don't feel I can adequately judge how bright it was without having
something to compare it against.  I would guess somewhere in the -8 to -10
range (though I know others have figured -9 is about the limit).  Two
things struck me as unusual about this event.  First is the more rapid--
compared to other flares I've seen--rise and fall of the brightness.
Second is that I perceived a discontinuous drop in brightness after
maximum.  I'm wondering if this was when the antenna quit the direct
reflection of the Sun and was left with just the specular reflection.

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