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Thu, 25 Dec 97 18:00:20

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>What is the difference between a rocket and a platform? Is the platform 
>the 1st stage and a rocket is the booster that puts the satellite into 
>it's orbit?

An excerpt from "Introduction to Observing Satellites......

---- 1.1.3 Platforms

       A platform may be used to support a payload while it is being
       placed in orbit. A platform may remain in orbit long after its
       purpose is served, usually longer than the rocket bodies. The
       platform (if used) is normally the first object identified after
       the rocket body designation with the next sequential English 	  
       letter designation in the International Designation (ID), e.g.,    
       96-034 C. OIG uses the acronym PLAT for platform in their Two Line 
       Element designations. 


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