RE: Platform or rocket

Jeff Hunt (
Fri, 26 Dec 97 16:29:10

--- On Fri, 26 Dec 1997 13:11:25 -0800  RJ@RMATSC.RIEM.COM wrote:

>	I still don't get it.  If a platform sits between a rocket body
>and payload then why would the platform ever separate from the
>r/b?  Am I not getting something?

It would seem only a small percentage of the payloads put into orbit need 
a "platform". The platform, as I understand it, provides a service to the 
payload until final orbital parameters are reached. The platform can 
provide orientation, temporary electrical power needs, propulsion 
supplies, etc. that the "payload" doesn't need once final orbit is 

The rocket body places the payload/platform into some preliminary orbit 
and detaches to reduce the total mass for any final maneuvers and 
propellant expenditures.

Once the final orbit is attained, then again, the platform is detached to 
reduce the final mass and allow full extension of solar arrays, sensors, 

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