Other Satellite ID

Sun, 28 Dec 1997 18:18:13 -0700

The skies cleared up so i went out on my deck and plopped down on my chair.
It has been a mild winter up here so it was comfortable out. I spotted
Lacrosse 3 R, Cosmos 2237 R, Cosmos 2306 R and while looking for NOSS 0 (D)
with my binoculars i spotted another object. I tracked it was able to ID'd
it as ERBS later on. However when i tried to spot COBE (with no luck) i
happened to look straight north and saw a bright flare inside the cup of the
Big Dipper. It lasted for a few seconds and then it disappeared. The
direction of travel was from the north to the south-east at 00:39 UTC. I
tried to ID it but no luck, nothing came close, not even any Iridiums.


 54.2500 N
110.1100 W
556 meters