Re: Orbcomm Obs Success!

Rosenberg.Eric (rosenberg.eric@Orbcomm.COM)
Tue, 30 Dec 97 09:33:06 -0500

Ron -- Congratulations!

As for the numbering of objects, here's what the Flight Dymanics folks here at 
Orbcomm here at Orbcomm have, based on our own on-orbit testing and 

The satellites are called A1-A6. 

On launch, satellites 4 and 5 did not separate from each other, however they 
were separated yesterday (Monday, 29-Dec) at approx. 1900 utc.  
We are waiting for NORAD to catalog them. We expect A4 to precede A6 and be 
first in line.

This is the order of satellites prior to yesterday's A4/5 separation:

Object          Name
97-084E         A6
97-084B         A4/A5
97-084D         A7
97-084A         Unknown object (anyone have any idea what this may be?)
97-084C         A8
97-084H         A3
97-084G         A2
97-084F         A1

97-084J is Pegasus debris and 97-084K is the HAPS 

Finally, a burn was done on A1 last night (Monday EST) that will move it farther
back from the pack.

More as it develops...


Eric Rosenberg
Orbcomm Global LP


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Subject: Orbcomm Obs Success! 
Author:  Ron Lee <>  at INTERNET
Date:    30-12-97 6:12 AM

Decided to give the Orbcomm's another try this morning, 
but with the 8" telescope. It was another good elevation 
pass but to the south at 5:45 AM local, so the sun angle 
was not ideal.
After seeing a large cloud threatening to move over my 
selected star, I re-ran Skymap for a star above Spica. That 
star grouping was easily found and four minutes prior to 
appearance, I started to move to the original point.
The cloud seemed too close so I returned to the backup star. 
Waited and waited.  Amazing that a mere minute of time can 
seem to take forver..but then one flashed by...then two.. 
and three.  Finally I see all five of the leading group.
Now I have to move the scope up a bit for the second group. 
I think I am on the right spot but not certain.  Time again 
drags.  Oh well, at least I saw five, then another flashes 
through the field of view, then another and YES, the 8th one 
goes by as well.
Once again I am a semi-competent satellite observer.
The magnitudes under these less than favorable conditions was 
in the 8.5 to 9 range.   Range about 1060 km, Matson sun phase 
angle about 77 degrees.
Perhaps someone can view these under better illumination 
conditions to see if they become binocular objects.
Ron Lee