Iss video adress from Munich video

From: Josef Huber (
Date: Sat Dec 23 2000 - 17:33:36 PST

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    My name is Josef Huber and I work in my spare time at the munich public star
    observatory with 16" LX200 telescope.
    On 23.12.2000 at 17:08 UTC we tracked ISS with Brent Boshards Software and a
    high resolution camera. On our
    video you can see the three modules and the solar panels. The fist part is
    our finder and then it is switched to the main
    telescope. We also recorded the speech to the ground station at moskau on
    143.625 Mhz.
    the video is on:
    if you have any questions please send a email to me.
    Josef Huber
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