FW: Possible reentry over Belgium?

From: Chris Peat (chris.peat@heavens-above.com)
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 08:50:49 EST

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    Just got this interesting observation report from a visitor in Belgium.
    Would anyone care to try and identify it?
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    Don't want to bother you will trivial stuff, but last evening, about 11 pm
    Brussels, Belgium time, I witnessed what I think was either the re-entry of
    a falling satalite, or a very large meteorite.  the object started as a
    bright light, which I thought was a plane, but it had a tail of light.  as
    it move from the North west corner of the sky, it developed into about 6
    pieces, all glowing and leaving a trail like a falling star, but moving much
    slower.  The lead piece brightened and all looked like fire.   Just
    wondering if you know what I saw.  If you would like further description on
    this please let me know.  Haven't seen anything on the news, but it was very
    very clearly visable.  It looked like computer generated images of what the
    re entry of the Mir space station must have looked like to those who could
    see it's re entry.
    Jeff Stephen
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