Re: Glonass launches: pre-launch information

From: Justin Ray (
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 22:15:09 EST

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    We had the Glonass launch on our launch schedule page for a couple of months:
    Justin Ray
    Spaceflight Now
    >As they have the potential for a lot of excitement with little
    >warning, it would be very good to know ahead of time about
    >Glonass launches!  For future reference, I actually did read
    >about this one a day or two ahead of time, under "November 28",
    >on the Swedish Space Corporation's "Space Events Diary" Web
    >Are there other sources of pre-event information?  Did I miss
    >an article on SpaceFlight Now?
    >I'm somewhat puzzled about some of the observation reports that
    >I've seen that say the objects were visible for only 10 seconds
    >and yet crossed the entire sky.  Shall I presume it was
    >inaccurate time estimation by the observers?  (But that seems
    >like a very large error.)
    >Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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