GLONASS launch payload obs

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 22:10:28 EST

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    Saw the upper stage booster (#26992) at 01:16 UT, 4 Dec 01.  Magnitude
    at a range of about 21560 km was 10.5 for a std mag of about 4.2.  It seemed
    to be fluctuating with a period around 10 seconds.
    The three payloads were observed in a tight linear (last one offset to the 
    with a separation of around 5.5 seconds between each succeeding object.
    Magnitude about 11.5 for a std mag of about 5.2 (Payload numbers were
    26987, 26988 and 26989.
    Ron Lee
    Falcon, CO
    8" telescope
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