Re: STS Launch Question

From: Ed Davies (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 17:28:46 EST

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    > It seems to me that whenever the Shuttle was launched
    > for a Mir docking or an ISS docking, the respective
    > Space Station would lead the shuttle at launch time by
    > 20 minutes or so.  Today's launch seem like a radical
    > departure (so to speak) from past launches (< 5 minute
    > difference).
    Actually not.  STS-105 also launched close to the station.
    Here's what I posted at the time:
    > Discovery and ET seen from High Wycombe, England.  First spotted about 10
    > above the horizon due west ascending to perhaps 25 when what I assume was
    > the ET entered eclipse.  A few seconds later the orbiter also entered 
    > eclipse at 21:30:26 UTC.
    > ISS seen about five minutes later.  When it passed roughly the same point
    > as the orbiter entered eclipse time was 21:35:05 UTC.
    > ISS was much brighter and did not enter eclipse before I lost sight of it
    > under the eaves of the house (maybe 80 elevation).
    Ed Davies.
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