Saw Station Pass, and maybe Shuttle?

From: Ted A. Nichols II (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 18:31:10 EST

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    Hello Everyone,
    I headed out 5 minutes early to try and see the shuttle cause some reported
    it sometimes it is visible 5 mins before. I didn't though....
    This is the pass I saw of ISS:
    05 Dec -0.6 18:20:34 10 WSW 18:23:37 68 NNW 18:23:45 67 NNW
    from location:
    40.1580N, 76.8040W
    However right at about 18:20:50 a dimmer object appeared lower and further
    NW of this pass, the object flared, and eventually dimmed to the previous
    dimmer magnitude (2ish) and then dimmed altogetether as the station
    continued to pass overhead. The shuttle was about 8-10 degrees further down
    on towards the horizon and was in a similar orbit but separated in its
    distance from the horizon.
    I'd say the Shuttle if it was, was visible for maybe 30 seconds, I checked
    Iridium Flares and non are listed.
    You could tell they were in relatively the same orbit... And the Shuttle if
    it was had the usual color that I normally see when I saw the shuttle.
    So I think I saw the Shuttle, but since I had no predictions, I'm looking
    for some clarification.
    Ted A. Nichols II
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