Interesting ISS pass

From: Kevin Mangis (
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 02:02:37 EST

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    I wasn't sure whether it would be dark enough to see tonight's Shuttle
    launch from the Washington, DC area (5:20pm local time), but it turned
    out the Shuttle was easy to spot.  After it had crossed from south to
    east, the Shuttle vanished all at once in an instant, which was a neat
    effect (I assume this was the moment of main engine shutdown). 
    About 1 hour later, I saw an interesting pass of the ISS:  As the ISS
    was first visible in the southwest (perhaps 10 degrees above the
    horizon), I saw what looked like an Iridium flare just above it.  The
    flare was approximately the same brightness as the ISS (I would guess 0
    magnitude), lasted about 5 seconds, and was moving from south to north
    just in front of the ISS.  After the flare died out I could no longer
    see this satellite (all of this was unaided eye).  This occurred at
    approximately 23:20 UTC.  Heavens-above did not predict this flare --
    was it indeed an Iridium or was it some other satellite?
    - Kevin Mangis
      38.87N, 77.31W
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