ISS and Shuttle pass

From: Marcus Clark (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 08:47:19 EST

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    Last night,7th dec.,I observed ISS pass 18:20-18:22 GMT.The reddish ISS was 
    followed by the white Shuttle,less than 0.5 deg. apart(according to the NASA 
    website,this was less than 2 hours prior to docking).It was a splendid sight 
    and gave me a real 21st century feeling.
    Predictions from Heavens-Above for that day indicated that the Shuttle would 
    precede ISS and follow a quite different orbit.Why was there  such a 
    discrepancy between the predictions and my observations?
    Anyway,clear skies have been a bit of a rarity round here recently so it was 
    good to get out with the 10x50's last night.
                                                  Good observing!
                                                      Marcus Clark
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