I saw ISS !

From: Dale Ireland (direland@drdale.com)
Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 13:35:49 EST

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    Love that header don't you :)
    Well, we did see ISS/Shuttle last night and it was great. 20mi west of
    Seattle 5:11pm local time. Great geometry, it went right overhead 75deg
    elevation and then almost 100% illumination before it went into shadow about
    25 degrees above the horizon. I have seen a lot of passes and I am
    estimating it at -6+ at max, possibly the brightest pass I have seen.
    Also, as it approached until it was 45 degrees high it had a distinct
    reddish color noticed by all 3 of us. Could have been the atmosphere but it
    was very clear so I think it had a red tint and not from low Sun because it
    was still 5 minutes to shadow immersion. Are the solar panels or something
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