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From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 18:46:55 EST

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    Dear Art,
    I am no pro either but I appreciate your post. I found that STARSHINE is
    visible even w/o the specular reflections off the mirrors but it was faint.
    I used Heavens-Above data. I am surprised that it doesn't flash essentially
    all the time, as many mirrors that it has. When I saw it recently, I saw no
    flashes at all. I must have been right between the alignment of two rows of
    I am a science teacher which has allowed me to put an application in for
    polishing a mirror or two for an upcoming STARSHINE.
    By the way, I write the name of the satellite out in all caps because I
    recently was told that its name is an acronym for Student Tracked
    Atmospheric Research Satellite for Heuristic International
    Networking Experiment.
    Speaking of the old timers, remember the Echo balloons? They go back a few
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