Can you provide updated Superbird-A Flash times?

From: Matson, Robert (
Date: Thu Dec 13 2001 - 20:03:26 EST

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    Hi Ron and List,
    > I would like to see it at least once more during this apparition.
    I thought maybe everyone had had enough of this satellite.  ;-)
    Kidding aside, Ed's right -- I've been "out-of-pocket".  Just too
    much going on right now.  However, you've spurred me to action.
    I downloaded the latest elements from list member Mike McCants'
    always reliable site, and ran it through my mapping code for
    tonite's pass (using my axis computed back in October precessed
    to today).  Here are the predicted flash window phase-shift times
    for various locations tonite (moving west to east).  All times
    UT on Friday, December 14th (which is Thursday night for the U.S.):
    3:50 Vancouver Island
    3:53 Seattle, Oregon coast
    3:55 San Francisco
    3:56 Reno/Lake Tahoe
    3:57 Santa Barbara
    3:58 Los Angeles/southern California
    3:59 San Diego, Barstow, Las Vegas
    4:01 Phoenix
    4:02 eastern Arizona, central Colorado (Denver)
    4:03 Albuquerque
    4:05 Kansas City, Des Moines
    4:06 western Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Chicago, lower Michigan
    4:07 central Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth), Missouri, Illinois, Indiana
    4:08 Houston, Arkansas, western Kentucky, Pittsburgh
    4:09 Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, eastern Kentucky,
         West Virginia, Washington D.C. area
    4:10 New Orleans, Alabama, North Carolina, Richmond
    4:11 Florida panhandle, Atlanta, South Carolina
    4:12 Tampa, Jacksonville
    4:13 Cancun, Miami
    4:14 Bahamas
    Flashes are visible from the entire contiguous U.S. except the
    northeast from New York on up.  Western Canadian provinces are
    also currently favored.  --Rob
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