ISS with tail

From: Eero Rantalaiho (
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 16:12:55 EST

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    This evening, December 14th I observed ISS at 14:43:30 UT,passing
    through Aquarius, near delta Aqu. I  can see station with about 3 dgr
    long tail. It was like a fan bending downwards. I make my observation in
    twilight and ISS was about mag 1. When station was going down to
    southeast it will be brighter even mag -2 but I canīt see it well
    because there was some trees.
    One orbit later , at 16:19 UT ,I didnīt see the tail. This time ISS was
    also mag 1 . When station goes to southsoutheast it disappears in Earth
    Eero Rantalaiho; Virkkala; Finland
    60.1944 N  24.0017 E   52m ASL
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