Re: shuttle undocking time ?

From: Ed Davies (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 08:06:11 EST

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    Tristan Cools wrote:
    > Does someone knows at what time(UTC) the Endeavour will undock from ISS on
    > Saturday ?
    According to Spaceflight Now there has been a bit of a change of plan
    in that there will be a small reboost (30 minutes with the manoeuvring 
    jets) between closing hatches and undocking at 11:37 EST (16:37 UTC, I 
    think).  There will only be a partial "flyaround" to 400' above the 
    station prior to the separation burn.
    The reason for the reboost is to avoid a close encounter with a bit
    of Russian debris on Sunday, aluded to by Antonin Vitek in his 
    recent post.
    Anybody got a predicted post-reboost TLE?  I guess the current TLEs
    should be pretty good for the 16:54 UTC pass over Europe but we can
    expect the objects to be a few seconds late.  Is that right?
    Currently about half sky clouded with otherwise good visibility here
    south central England so I'm reasonably hopeful for a good view of
    the two in close proximity this evening.
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