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From: Bram Dorreman (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 12:50:02 EST

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    Using Shuttle as guidance and my 7 * 50 binoculars I was able to see two
    flashes, as mentioned in my previous email.
    The 2nd favourable transit just twenty minutes ago was a bit disappointing.
    I saw the Starshine now about 8 degrees after the Shuttle, but not flashing
    at all. It had a possibly small magnitude amplitude around +8. Again I used
    the Shuttle as guidance.
    For future transits I must use its (Starshine's) own TLEs.
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    Date: zondag 16 december 2001 17:24
    Subject: Re: Starshine deployed
    >On Sun, 16 Dec 2001 10:23:48 -0500, you (Daniel Deak
    ><>) wrote:
    >>Starshine 2 has been deployed at 15:02:34 UT in the direction of the
    >>vector of the Shuttle. Eastern Europe should be very well placed for the
    >>observations of the satellite at 17:55 UT.
    >I gave it a try on the first post-deploy pass near 15:54 UTC, though I'd
    >probably be located a bit too far to the West, with the sun less than -6
    >below the horizon at that time. Shuttle was there on time (as was the ISS a
    >few minutes later), Starshine 2 wasn't really, though. Whatever sparkling
    >there might have been near the Shuttle, it was indistinguishable from
    >background stars. Let's see what the next pass might bring.
    >CU! Markus (E8.7434, N51.7264, 113m, UTC+1)
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