Re: Shuttle Landing Op

Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 10:26:29 EST

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    "Looking over the flightpath for this afternoons Shuttle landing, it
    appears it will be passing over my location (Sarasota, FL) on it's way
    to the Cape."
    I checked the NASA web site and they don't have the re-entry data so I
    can't determine exactly where it will cross the coast. I presume this is
    related to the security concerns. I live in St. Petersburg, FL so I'm
    interested too.
    "Will we be able to see a "contrail" as it comes in over us?"
    The only time you would see a contrail would be if they fire the thrusters.
    Previously, when it's passed by I haven't seen any kind of contrail. Coming
    in at mid day will be hard to see. The best time is early or late in the
    day when the sky is somewhat darker but the shuttle still in light. I think
    it crosses the coast at about 100,000 feet, Mach 10, I think about 10
    minutes before landing.
    Bill Bard
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