Shuttle Double Sonic Boom [was: Shuttle Landing Op]

From: Brian Wong (
Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 11:55:10 EST

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    These links may help answer your question:
    While living in Los Angeles in the mid 1980s the
    Shuttle would sometimes land at Edwards AFB with an
    approach directly over the LA Basin and the double
    sonic booms were incredible. I fact, USGS seismometers
    were able to generate a ground trace and track the
    Shuttle landing real-time as the booms set off the
    seismometers along its path.
    --- Tom  Wagner <> wrote:
    > A little off topic I suppose but what causes a
    > DOUBLE sonic boom. I remember
    > well hearing sonic booms in my neighborhood here in
    > Iowa when I was a kid. I
    > can be contacted via private email if anyone wishes.
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