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Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 06:36:17 EST

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    And also, if there are any fellow people that live around my area on this
    list (Northern suburbs of Minneapolis) I'd like to hear back from you.
    Thanks once more.
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    Subject: Yet another introduction...
    >I subscribed to this list a few weeks ago, and when I did, I was requested
    >to give an introduction.
    >Well, I put that off for a bit just to make sure that you folks were
    >friendly.  Since I am writing this, I think that this email will be
    >in a good way.
    >My name is Daniel, I live in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.  I am a Unix Systems
    >administrator by trade (and teach it on occasion) but also enjoy looking up
    >at night and realizing how small I really am.
    >My first encounter with satellite viewing was in 1976.  My brother and I
    >were watching a meteor shower and noticed a moving object going across the
    >sky.  What interested us the most is that while watching it, it just
    >disappeared.    We had no clue what it was, but knew that it wasn’t an
    >airplane.   We had no clue on why it would just disappear, but it did.
    >After a bunch of debates (well, I was only 7 at the time) we figured it was
    >a satellite.  I only discovered why it disappeared (into the shadow) about
    >month ago.  It had been on my mind that all that time..  Since that night
    >and others,  I have observed many more, but had no clue that you could
    >actually track them. (why would I have known?)
    >Though I know that I am no expert, I have been trying with limited success
    >at tracking these things that go round and round the earth.  To be honest,
    >have been less successful than I had wished.
    >This brings me to my newbie questions….
    >First of all, I use a few programs to help me with sightings.  I compare
    >that data with the heavens above site and try to figure out when and where
    >should be looking.  I have noticed that magnitudes are most often different
    >depending on the software you use or the Web page that you may use to do
    >forecasts… Why is that?  What is the difference?  Is there somewhere that I
    >can go (meaning web site) that I can learn about  the raw data and perform
    >the calculations by myself?  Just wondering…
    >Another question concerned the TLE’s of Starshine 2.  It took quite a bit
    >time for these to come out.  What goes into figuring out this stuff?  Just
    >point me to a website if you can.
    >Last but not least, how can I help?
    >I have a bunch more questions, but if somebody would guide me to a really
    >good FAQ or some other resource to use to help me answer my questions,
    >Thanks to all of you for your contributions into something that interests
    >personally, without it having to be my career.
    >Daniel Crawford
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