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Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 00:45:34 EST

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    I am not newbie on this list (I started to "listen" to this list approx.
    3 years ago), and I am feeling that it is necessary to introduce myself.
    I am not satellite observer, but I am interested  in space research for
    a long time. I observed only ocassionaly very bright satellites (eg.
    Skylab in seventies, now sometimes ISS and Iridiums), but without any
    valuable results (as time and position measurement) for posting them on
    this list.
    My name is Antonin (=Anthony) Vitek. I was born in 1940 in Prague. I
    studied organic chemistry at Charles University (Mgr. ie. MS in 1962).
    then I was working at Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of
    the (then) Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences on my PhD thesis (CSc. =
    PhD.) dealing with some computing methods application in infrared
    spectroscopy. Head of computing laboratory 1968-1985.
    I was a member of commentator team in the Czech TV during flights of
    Apollo 10 thru 12, but the political situation in Czechoslovakia
    worsened in the early seventies and it was practically impossible to
    even mention the western spaceflight in the Czechoslovak news media.
    Only one technical journal (Letectvi + kosmonautika  = Aeronautics and
    Astronautics, might be fompared to the British journal "Flight
    International") was accepting some info about this in those days.
    In the 70ties I was a member of team working on programming support for
    the Czech automated furnace CSK-1 flown on Salyuts. Member of Czech
    Intercosmos WG for material processing. Head of IT department of the
    Main Library (ML) in 1986-1992, now Adviser to the Director of ML for
    But the astronautics is for me mainly a great hobby only. I was author a
    co-author of many hundreds of newspaper and journal articles for general
    public in this field and I am working now on an Encyclopedia of
    spacecraft (in Czech language) which is one of several information
    resources prepared by the Main Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences
    (this is part of my professional duties), mainly for high school
    students in the Czech Republic.
    I'm living in small village Kytin cca. 35 km SW from center of Prague
    with rather good satellite observation conditions (but - sorry -  I am
    not exploiting it oftenly).
    I connected to this list, because it is an unvaluable resource of
    information for me and for my work. 
    Mgr. Antonin Vitek, CSc.
    Office: Main Library, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
      Narodni 3, CZ-11522 Praha 1 - Phone: +420(2)21403255, fax
    Home: Kytin 127, CZ-25210 Mnisek p. B., Czech Republic
    Phone: +420(305)592865 - Coord.: 14.2194 deg E, 49.8488 deg N, 442 m ASL
    My satellite home page:
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