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From: Julian Grammer (
Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 11:57:00 EST

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    > If software packages designed for older versions of Windows (3.11, 95,
    > 98) won't generally work with NT, then Microsoft is going back on
    > tradition...
    Microsoft's "tradition" is that Windows NT was/is a "professional" operating
    system, while Windows 3.1x, 95, 98 (including SE) were/are "SOHO" (small
    ofice/home) operating systems. Windows XP falls into the latter category,
    although perhaps something of a hybrid, while Windows 2000 retains the
    characteristics of the latter. Drivers and associated software tend to be
    divided similarly, so that software designed for one of the "professional"
    offerings will not necessarily function on a "SOHO" platform, and vice
    versa. The SkyMap site gives the operating system required as "Windows 95 or
    later". While this suggests no incompatability issues with NT or 2000, I
    would be tempted to seek clarification before attempting to use, for
    example, the "Telescope Control" features. An email to
    should help.
    Julian Grammer
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