Re: Starshine-2 not seen again

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 20:59:35 EST

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    Is there anyway to  predict, at least for a time, whether a person in a
    certain location can expect to see a lot of flashes one after the other? How
    widely spaced are the lines along the ground where the different rows of
    mirrors are "shining down to"? I'm sure that would depend upon the alignment
    of the mirrors to the sun but still, unless the satellite's spin is nutating
    or spiraling, I would think that there may be some predictability.
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    > At 07:43 25/12/01, Jonathan T Wojack wrote:
    > >I think that if the future spheres have a faster rotational period, then
    > >more flashes will result (i.e., more observations).
    > Yes but they will slow down by eddy current damping much more rapidly,
    > which I expect is why such a low initial rotation rate was designed.
    > Tony Beresford
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