Re: Starshine-2 not seen again

From: Robert Oler (
Date: Tue Dec 25 2001 - 18:24:13 EST

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    Hello Jonathan.
    Well my thought to get the flashes was to (and I realize that this would be 
    some magnitude harder) do one of three things.
    The first was to tether two balloons together about 50 or so feet apart.
    The second was the paint idea that you had.
    The third was to put appendages on the ballon (sort of Mouse ear like 
    things) and that would give flashes.  Of course if the idea is simply to 
    have something to give the kiddies observations and allow them to do 
    "things" like figure drag etc seeing the satellite not observing its 
    rotation is the important thing. (I guess).
    >From: Jonathan T Wojack <>
    >Subject: Re: Starshine-2 not seen again
    >Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 11:17:16 -0500
    > > I wonder if a "balloon" wouldnt be better.  Of course one the size of
    > > Echo
    > > would really be neat (particularly for my other hobby...grin) but
    > > even 1/3
    > > or /14 that would be quite visible.
    >A balloon would probably be cheaper, and produce more observations.  The
    >disadvantages are that there wouldn't be the "personal connection" with
    >the students and the satellite (polish mirrors, and then you see the
    >mirror's reflection of the sun after launch...), and there wouldn't be
    >any flashes (unless you make certain parts of the balloon more shiny
    >thean other parts).
    >Did the STARSHINE project ever consider using balloons?
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