Re: 9th Anniversary of SeeSat-L

From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 22:41:14 EST

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    Robert Holdsworth <> writes:
    > Congratulations to all concerned.
    Thanks to you, and all the others expressing similar sentiments.
    > Maybe time to give thought to how to celebrate the 10th (a
    > get-together somewhere with quite reliably good skies maybe for those
    > able to travel?)
    2 excellent ideas.
    > Maybe those responsible for the list might have more stories to tell
    > about its inception , early events etc?
    Another excellent idea.  I encourage such stories.  One resource already
    available:  I have provided many of the earliest and most seminal
    messages in my annual Anniversary messages.  A search for:
    anniversary nissen
    turns up a good bit of interesting material, on the first page of
    results, particularly,
    and the curious coincidence noted in
    Bruce MacDonald <> writes:
    > I have tried to find a suitable book on satellite observing but it
    > seems that none has been published in recent years.
    No matter that books can provide very valuable summarization and broader
    perspective, one problem faced by publishers, in the Internet age, is
    that online fora, such as SeeSat-L, hollow out the core readership for a
    monograph.  Many of those most interested in any subject are keeping up
    with it online from day-to-day and can avail themselves of searchable
    archives, thus reducing their interest in any book.
    Of course, gravity hasn't been much affected by recent changes, so the
    older material can still be fairly useful.
    Walter Nissen         
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    This may be the most appropriate day in an interval of a hundred years
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